Milky Way

Posted Aug 12, 2018

Milky Way, with Mars near the bottom
Aug. 11, 2018

I’d been want­i­ng to try astropho­tog­ra­phy for a while; a week­end spent in east­ern Wash­ing­ton was my first good oppor­tu­ni­ty. Gold­en­dale is a tiny town with very lit­tle light pol­lu­tion, and an obser­va­to­ry that I’d vis­it­ed a few years ago. We stayed in a cab­in about 15 min­utes from the town, and it turned out to be a ter­rif­ic setting. 

Lead­ing up to the week­end, I spent a good bit of time on the web­site Lone­ly Speck, read­ing up on lens­es, cam­era set­tings, and the need to buy a head­lamp (good advice, it turned out). 

The first night there, I was excit­ed to final­ly get to try things out but by then had for­got­ten a few of the fin­er points — details like how to focus in the dark. I did get a cou­ple of decent shots, but I was in a hur­ry, not to men­tion a tired from the four hour dri­ve from Seattle. 

The sec­ond night (shown here), I think I got it right. 

Shot with Fuji X‑T2, Roki­non 12mm, 25 sec­onds at f2.0, ISO 1600

Sauk Mountain Trail

Posted Jul 16, 2018

View from the summit of Sauk Mountain trail, Cascade Mountains
July 15, 2018

Japan, Spring 2018

Posted Apr 15, 2018

In March and April 2018, I vis­it­ed Japan for my first time. I took a LOT of pho­tos. To see all of them, check out my gallery on Flickr.

Cherry Blossoms, Seattle

Posted Mar 17, 2018

A cherry tree in bloom in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.
Mar. 17, 2018


Posted Mar 10, 2018

Mar. 10, 2018

Secret garden

Posted Feb 25, 2018

A peek into a private garden in Lucca, Italy
Oct. 8, 2017

Blue snow

Posted Feb 02, 2018

Blue snow, Lake Kachess
Jan. 15, 2018


Posted Jan 31, 2018

Gaztelugatxe, Spain
Oct. 2, 2017


Posted Jan 29, 2018

A dramatically-lit sunset over Florence, Italy
Oct. 5, 2017

At the end of a calm and quite after­noon on our first day in Flo­rence, the air sud­den­ly whis­tled, then howled. It took me a few moments to com­pre­hend that the crash­ing sounds all around were the out­side win­dow shut­ters, flap­ping about and bang­ing in total aban­don. I ran around clos­ing win­dows and grab­bing the laun­dry that had been hang­ing to dry out on the bal­cony, so that our pants and shirts would­n’t end up in the streets three floors below, or strand­ed on a neigh­bor’s roof.

An hour or so lat­er, it became still again just as sud­den­ly, and the sun broke through the clouds and lit up the sky for a few last min­utes. I grabbed my cam­era and snapped this photo.

Snoqualmie Pass

Posted Jan 15, 2018

Jan. 15, 2018